Thursday, October 21, 2004

Is my certainty for real?

Well... last week was deeply soaked in the other man. I travelled to Canberra for work and spent the night at his house. Nothing actually happened, but he'd decided at almost the last minute on Monday to travel down to Melbourne (to avoid someone else) for the weekend. So I saw him on Monday, spent the night there chastely and quite well behaved, and then returned home on Tuesday night.

I suppose I should give a bit more background after my last disastorous post. I thought a long time about what he had said and realised a few things.

Firstly he was saying this in response to MY husband writing to him. My husband is the last person he is going to express any interest in me to. And secondly his words could be taken to be as those of a man trying to convince himself.

Anyway... after those words, we went up and visited him for a weekend in September, about a month after he had visited us in August. There was no awkwardness or anything, but he was always a lot more affectionate when my husband wasn't around... for obvious reasons.

*post aborted due to something now forgotten*